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Control variables:

  • Starts with 15 orangutans
  • Experiment runs for 1,825 days (5 years)
  • All other rules of the model apply (see complete rules)

Independent variables:

    While the experiment is running, you can click and highlight an individual orangutan to track.

    Save and Reload Your Experiment

    You can save the data from a previous experiment by copying the experiment code. You can even save this entire page as a PDF.

    Run at least one experiment to generate your code.

    Rules of the model


    The experiment runs for 1,825 days (5 years).

    Ty / 100

    Orangutans start with 100 energy points. They eat fruit and termites. They move toward trees with the most plentiful fruit and eat termites in their path. Orangutans stay at a fruit tree for 1 day. Orangutans use 1 energy point each day. Orangutans lose additional energy points when they move. Orangutans all move at the same speed.

    You can select whether orangutans reproduce and die. When checked, orangutans die if they run out of energy points and reproduce when they reach 200 energy points. When unchecked, orangutans do not die or reproduce.

    Fruit represents figs and other fruits growing on trees in the forest. Orangutans gain 5.2 energy points each time they eat a fruit. Fruit trees can regrow fruit.

    You can adjust the percentage of fruit trees available in the forest from 0-40 percent.

    Termites can be found throughout the forest. Orangutans gain .45 energy points when they eat termites.

    Orangutans can swing through the rainforest trees, but do not gain any energy points from them. There are 400 hectares of forest available to the orangutans.

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